Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reporting what I do in the Children's Department

I use this Desk calendar at the Children's Desk to record the number of Directory Questions in person, Directory Questions over the telephone, Reference Questions asked in person, Reference Questions asked over the telephone and number of times the Children's Game computers are used. Also to the right of the calendar on the Saturday date squares I record the theme of the Reference Questions. This data about Reference Questions helps me to know what subjects are in demand and that I might need to order more books for the shelves on those subjects.
My Schedule is on the calendar so that I know what I have going on each day. I also record attendance for programs on this calendar. When I schedule a guest speaker to come to the Library I put their name and phone number in the date square along with the time they be appear for a program.

The phone is beside the calendar so it is easy to record numbers and types of phone calls.

In my office desk drawer there are folders which hold past reports which I have turned into Margaret. I keep a folder for desk stats, Programs and attendance reports, Time sheets and Travel logs. I try to turn in my reports to Margaret as close to the first of the month as I possibly can.

There are only three children's computers in the Children's Department. There is no Internet and no printers but the children love the games. The computer on the right is one of two new computers that was added earlier in 2008. Children who are 7 or under and want to use these computers need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

There is never enough time in the day for all that needs to be done in the Children's Department.

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