Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kapral Brothers Visit Library

Gary Kapral and two of his brothers visited the library
recently. Gary did volunteer hours at the library
when he was a student at the School of
Math and Science. He is a grad student and instructor at
Duke University now.

It was a joy to see you guys.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dogs and Cats at the Library in April

Mrs. Camille

Dogs and Cats

Mrs. Camille reads The Two Bobbies

Mrs. Camille reads "The Two Bobbies" to the homeschoolers
at the Helen Keller program.

In the Story there is a cat and a dog who are stranded after
Hurricane Katrine. One of the animals is blind and trust in the other
animal for its survival.

The story about the blind animal fits right in with
our program about Helen Keller and serves to
highlight the month of April fundraiser for
the library and the Animal Control of Johnston County.

Helen Keller Program

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nancy gives tour to Bear Scouts

Nancy entertains scouts in the library for a tour
with her puppet.

Happy Scout

Thank you Nancy for a great Library Tour
for Bear Cub Scout Pack 77, Den 1.

Bear Cubs Visit Library Pack 77 Den 1

Pack 77, Den 1

Pack 77, Den 1

National Library Week 2009

National Library Workers Day April 14, 2009

Libraries Work Because We Do!


It's National Library Week

Thank you Library Workers
You are Appreciated!!!