Monday, September 29, 2008

Elaine at the Library

That's me on the right. Libby on the left is a frequent patron and mother of HUH members.

You will not see me in most of the pictures on this blog because I am the one behind the camera.

OK, I handed my camera to someone else at Homecoming at Bethesda yesterday 09/28/08 and here I am with Doris Peele a member of the Sunday School class that I teach.

Here is Nancy, she is the Children's Assistant. She recently celebrated her Anniversary.

The picture above is from an anniversary several years ago.

In the picture below you will see Nancy, she is the pretty one

on the left beside an unidentified person on the right.

In this blog I will mention Nancy from time to time so I wanted you to know what she looks like.This blog is what I do at the Library so I will not tell about all the things that Nancy does. She does some of the same things that I do and she does some things that I do not do. Nancy is a real treasure and I appreciate her talents very much. Thank you Nancy.

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