Sunday, July 26, 2009

Honoring Margo

Thank you Margo for all the things that you do for the children at
the Library, especially during Summer Reading when
things are so busy.

Margo reads a funny poem to the children.

Margo and Nancy are so funny!!!

Music at the Library with Christina Jarman and Family

Creative Hats

I love these hats that were made by this lovely family who have turned their family summer into a camp and come to the Library often for our programs.

Counting the Guesses from Creative Counting

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grown ups, Children and the magic of Jim Passe

Everybody wanted to volunteer.

The Eleven Dollar Bill Trick
We saw it and we still don't believe it!!!

The children came to see Jim Passe

Bobbie Lonas crafter of lovely jewelry


Blue Necklace



That's Bobbie Lonas on the right receiving a certificate
of appreciation from Nancy Wigmore at the recent
Magic Show at the Library. As you can tell by
the lovely pieces of jewelry which she made, Bobbie
is very creative. During the month of June a display of
some of her jewelry was share with library patrons.
"Be Creative @ Your Library"
Bobbie is doing just that. Thank you Bobbie.

Ruby's Penguins

Ruby Smith has been Reference Librarian at the Public Library
of Johnston County and Smithfield for about 30 years. Ruby is
the head of the Reference Department, but in her spare time
she collects penguins. Here Ruby is showing the Summer Reading
Children a penguin from her extensive collection. Ruby enjoys trips
to zoos in many states. Thanks for sharing with the children, Ruby.

Honoring Ruby and Bobbie

Nancy Wigmore presents Certificates of Appreciation
to Ruby Smith (Reference Department)
and Bobbie Lonas (Circulation Department).
Thank you Ruby and Bobbie for the service you provide to the children
and adults at the Library.