Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tar Heel Junior Historians Convention 2010

2nd Place Noah Williams Christopher Crittenden Quiz
1st Place Caitlyn Allen HUH "O. Henry" Individual Literary Project
2nd Place Valerie Bailey HUH "Discovering My Family History" Individual Literary Project
Genealogy Award Valerie Bailey "Discovering My Family History"
1st Place Group Literary Project HUSH A Log Album of the USS North Carolina
2nd Place Group Literary Project HUNCH A Look Into Our Southern Past: Averasboro Battlefield
1st Place Group Media HUSH My Life Aboard the "Showboat"
1st Place Group Media HUNCH A Forgotten Battle
1st Place Group Media HUH Between the Shows: North Carolina's Commercials from the Past
2nd Place Group Art HUNCH "Lebanon House"
1st Place American Revolution Essay Nicholas Revels
1st Place African American Essay Erin Revels
1st Place Tar Heel Junior Historian Essay Elly Revels

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dr. Seuss at the Library 2010 Version

Benjamin "Great Day for Up", Lydia "Green Eggs and Ham",
Rebekah "The Cat in the Hat", Leanne "The Foot Book,
and Rebekah "The Cat in the Hat".

Mrs. Nancy enjoys Dr. Seuss too.

The Cat in the Hat meets Rebekah

Don't let that Cat get you into trouble.

Kayla counts "One Fish, Two Fish"

Leanne shares "The Foot Book" by Dr. Seuss

Lydia likes "Green Eggs and Ham"

Green Eggs and Ham
yummy and delicious.

Benjamin lends his support as Lydia reads to the group.

Benjamin says its a "Great Day for Up"

Benjamin helps his mom Christina read the Dr. Seuss book
"Great Day for UP".

"UP", "UP", "UP", "UP", "UP", "UP"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lori Special Provides Training at Staff Development

Lori Special came to visit during Library Staff Development to
provide training for staff such as Nancy Wigmore and Margo George.

Ruby Smith takes notes during training. The computer room is
her everyday domain but on this occasion the room was taken over by
library staff co-workers for training.

Ruby and Lori and yes those are Morgan's legs. Morgan Miller did
a very good job of hiding from my camera during training.

Margo, Luke and Joanne listen to Lori explain the
on-line training available for library staff.

Usually the Library only closes for Holidays but once
each year the doors close for Library Staff Development.

Library Staff Development

Pat LaCarter, head of Johnston County Human Resources makes
a presentation to Library employees during the Library
Staff Development Day.

During a brief break Melanie Proctor, Margo George and
Nancy Wigmore enjoy some chat time.

Luke Higgs and Margaret Marshall present
a portion of the program during Library Staff Development.

Garland, Laura, Nancy, Pam and Melanie

Library Staff Development Day

Library Volunteers Needed

What a great job this Volunteer did in the Children's area. After more than an
hour of straightening shelves she showed me her handiwork and it was
wonderful. The shelves were neat and books were pulled to the front edge
of the shelf. Great, just great. Thank you.

All that work and a smile too.

Willie Ann Hines is a Star

Congratulations Mrs. Willie Ann Hines for winning the Star Guessing Contest. Great Job. Thank you for being a faithful patron of the Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield.