Friday, September 20, 2013

In Memory of Mrs. Lola Mae Cole Lee 1920-2013

                                                                      March 6, 1920
                                                              September 15, 2013

September 17th Homeschoolers make seeds at the Library

Designer Seeds.
I think this one was a bee/seed.

Great job


She made a feather to add to her seed.

Making seeds is fun.

I think this one would roll.

The wind would carry this seed far from the plant.

A parachute seed would surely travel on the wind.

Making your own maple seed

This young man used a feather and a pom-pom to make a maple seed.

Making Seeds at the Library September 19, 2013

We read a book about how seeds travel and then the
children designed their own seeds and told how their
seed would travel.

There were some very cute seeds made by the children.

She said her seed would travel by the wind.

His second seed was one that would hitch a ride.

She made a lovely seed and had a lovely smile.