Thursday, February 26, 2009

Margo George and The Students

We like to share what we have learned with the
whole Library. Thank you.

Art Project a Learning Success

African-American Studies

Many famous people provided valuable service to our country.

First we read some books and then we started working on
this great Art project to display in the Library.


Growing and Sharing

This is really fun!

Underground Railroad Program and Art Project

H.E.L.P. students and parents working on Art Project
during "Underground Railroad" program

We are getting familiar with famous African-Americans
who contributed in many different areas of service.

Fun Project

First we cut and then we glue.

We love Art Projects and we have fun learning as well.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

OWL Club Teamwork

OWL Club one on one expressions

OWL Club in February 2009

Parents Look on as Students in OWL Club debate whether TV and the
Internet are Good or Bad.

Leadership and advice to debaters.

Taking turns making points and counterpoints.

Discussion by one side of the Debate

The great debaters getting very good debate and public speaking experience.

Ian's Rose

Ian brought a lovely handmade rose to
the Children's Desk for Valentine's.

Thank you Ian.

Happy Valentine's Day to All

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shelby's Valentine's Gift

Shelby made this lovely Valentine's Gift for Mrs. Elaine and
brought it to the Library today.

It is clear that Mrs. Elaine really likes that Gift.

Shelby plays on the computer. There are lots of games
that Shelby enjoys.

Alex gets a Library Card

Alex is at the Library today with his Mom and his
little friend Ben. Alex is getting his very own library card.

Mrs. Brenda at the Circulation Desk is helping
to fill out the papers for Alex to be a member of
the Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield.

Alex is very excited because now that he can read his Mom
is ready to get Alex his own Library Card. This is a tradition
that Mom started with Alex's big sister Kayla.

Alex is very proud of his new Library card.

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Alex shows his new card to his friend Ben.
Now it's time to look for some books to check out today.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yarn Busters Club

Abby knitting a scarf

Dana knitting

Mrs. Nancy and Daniel enjoy the snowman that Nancy made. It's a happy snowman.

Matthew, Dana and Abby are knitters.

These are some of the Yarn Busters who took the Knit and Crochet classes in the Fall and now gather once each month for Yarn Busters Club.

Snow on the Reading Family

February 2009 snow fell on Frank Creech's iconic "The Reader" at the Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield.

Winter Beauty shared with readers of all ages.

"The Reader" holds a book for all seasons.