Sunday, September 28, 2008

Juvenile Books....what I order

New Fiction (chapter books) have to be checked to make sure that the book is labeled new on the computer, on the spine with a label and on the pocket with the same date that is on the spine label which I add. Then when these books are no longer New, I change the record on the computer, erase the pocket notation and remove the "New" spine label. Having a computer location of "New" makes these books easier to find when they appear on a reserve list. When the courier is anxious to leave for the Independent Town Libraries it helps to be able to put my hands on a reserve request book rapidly.

Reference books help to answer many homework questions but they can not be checked out so sometimes I have to make copies of pages for children or parents.
There are a few special categories for Juvenile books. Series such as American Girl, Hannah Montana, Two of a Kind, Magic Attic and Treasured Horses are shelved and labeled on computer and the book to make it easier to locate because these books do not have the same author and would appear at different locations in the Juvenile fiction books. The Juvenile Short Story collection is shelved in this same area.
Newbery Award books are located together on the wall with Series books. The Newbery Award is presented yearly for Excellence in writing of children's literature.
Wishbone books have different authors so I made those Series books as well. Also Choose Your Own Adventure books are labeled as Series. The New Non-Fiction books have found a new home near the Series books. When these books are no longer new they will be changed on the book and computer and added to their normal place in the Dewey Decimal system. Thanks to some really good deals on New Non-Fiction, I am glad to say that we have a large collection of
books in this area.

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