Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ordering Books the Process

For ordering books I read a lot of professional magazines, Ingram Advance magazines and Publisher Catalogues. I use order forms that I custom designed. I fill out one order form for every book that I order, which is not ordered from a book salesman,
so that would include most of the books that I order. If I read a review on Publishers Weekly or Booklist I make a note of that on the order form. I have a field on the form to hold the AR level of the book which I will later write on the pocket of the book.

I will often look up the price of books on I need those ISBN numbers to order.
Renaissance Learning is where I find the AR level for books. This site is especially useful for finding lists of books by the same author. Searches can be made by title, author or series. I rely on this site a lot.
This is the custom form that I designed and use all the time. This is what I use to add the book order to my Selection List on the computer. As you can see it takes a lot of writing and typing just to order one book.
When my Selection list is complete I label the list "complete" and turn in a stack of order forms to Joy in Processing and she takes it from there. If I need a book by a certain date I check the "Pass through" line and put the date when I need it on the "need by" line. Most books can now be ordered with the 13 digit number but some still require the 10 digit number.

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