Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jan Brett is a wonderful Children's Author

On Monday November 3, 2008 I had the opportunity to see Jan Brett at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh. Jan Brett is a popular children's author who has written and illustrated books such as "The Mitten", "The Hat", "The Umbrella", "Daisy Comes Home"," Hedgie's Surprise", "Comet's Nine Lives", "Berlioz the Bear", and now with her newest book
"Gingerbread Friends".
Nancy attended the event with me. We sat and waited for Jan Brett
to come in and while we waited Nancy crocheted this snowflake for Jan Brett.

It was so good to see Jan Brett again. I had attended her book signing for "The Umbrella" several years ago and mentioned to Jan that I had lived in Panama for two years and had seen the Blue Morpho butterfly which Jan drew into her book. She remembered meeting me then and it was good to connect again and see her new book.

In the photo below is Jan Brett drawing the Gingerbread baby from her new book.
That's the Gingerbread Baby on the right and the dog is the Peppermint Dog. As always in the book itself there is a preview of the story in the sidebars of the book. Jan Brett's artwork is exquisite and it was a joy to watch her draw and color this picture as I watched and marveled. She gave interesting artist-type information for the flock of young readers who came to see their favorite author. OK so I am not a young reader but I am a huge fan of Jan Brett.

Jan Brett's bus is parked right in front of Quail Ridge Books and that is Nancy becoming a part of the fanciful scenery.

Nancy and I both enjoyed the author visit and book signing with Jan Brett.
We have both been fans for years.

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