Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yarn Busters Blankets for Cats and Dogs

Knitting and Crocheting by Yarn Busters.

Yarn Busters took on a project of crocheting and knitting pet blankets
for the Johnston County Animal Services office.
This was a fun project and was enjoyed by knitters and
crocheters who had attended classes with Yarn Busters. Some stitches were
make by experienced knitters and crocheters who were passing through
the Children's Department at the Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield.

This is an impressive stack of pet blankets.

Nancy Wigmore holds a certificate of appreciation to
be presented to the Animal Services Office. Margret Marshall
(library director) holds the stack of pet blankets.

Nancy Wigmore and Elaine Forman present the blankets and
Certificate of Appreciation to the Johnston County Animal Services staff.
Pets are awaiting adoption and will enjoy the warmth of the
pet blankets made by Yarn Busters and friends. The pet blankets were
delivered just before Christmas 2009.

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