Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dr. Seuss Celebration and the Winner Is....

Melissa Pilkington, Director of First Presbyterian Preschool is
reading the book which received the most votes at the Dr. Seuss
celebration at the Library

Green Eggs and Ham

More guest readers, parents and children voted for "Green Eggs and Ham" as their favorite book than any other Dr. Seuss book.

Vanessa Watson, Media person from West Smithfield Elementary School shared a portion of "The Cat in the Hat" from the lovely Pop-Up book. What a natural talent Mrs. Watson is and a joy to listeners.

The seven guest readers who read a portion of the Dr. Seuss Pop-Up book include
Vanessa Watson, Susan Bolejack, Darrella Cavenaugh, Chris Kincaid, Nancy Wigmore, Melissa Pilkington and Margaret Marshall.
Thank you readers for a fun celebration.

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