Thursday, October 16, 2008

Library Co-Workers Attend Johnston County Employee's Appreciation Banquet 2008

Library employees enjoyed an Appreciation Banquet.
It was fun to sit and enjoy
some great food (chicken, BBQ and banana pudding)
and have a casual conversation with co-workers.

Joy works in the Processing Department at the Library . Joy is one hardworking and busy lady.
Vickie the Business Manager enjoys the sun on a warm October afternoon after the Appreciation Banquet.

Margaret Marshall is Library Director and served as chauffeur for my co-workers and me. Thank you Margaret.

Joanne works in the Processing Department and is an excellent quilter. The banquet was held at the Johnston County Extension Auditorium. Joanne recently had a quilt on display at the Johnston County Heritage Quilt Show in the same room as the banquet. Below is a glimpse of detail from her quilt.

Thank you County of Johnston for the banquet of appreciation.

I appreciate the support that Johnston County gives to the Public Library of Johnston County and Smithfield.



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